Shrimp Shumai Dumpling Ajinomoto - 168G

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The shrimp is delicious, soft and fluffy even when cold.

A colourful shumai topped with shrimp that you can enjoy the texture of shrimp. Since it can be used in various ways according to the scene and taste, it can be used widely from side dishes to lunch boxes.

Non-halal product

Cooking method

Choose the way you like it more - microwave or steam it.

Separate the tray of frozen products, place it on the edge of the turntable, wrap it and heat it:

  • 500W (3 pieces) about 50 seconds, (6 pieces) about 1 minute 40 seconds, (9 pieces) about 2 minutes 20 seconds
  • 600W (3 pieces) about 40 seconds, (6 pieces) about 1 minute 30 seconds, (9 pieces) Approximately 2:00 seconds

If you do not have a turntable, place it in the centre of the microwave. If it is cold after cooking, heat it for 10 seconds until it becomes warm. Cooking time may vary depending on the microwave oven model.

In the case of 12 pieces (all) put the frozen product in the microwave without opening the bag and heat it:

  • 500W about 3 minutes 
  • 600W about 2 minutes and 30 seconds

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