Peach And Pink Grapefruit Konnyaku Jelly - 240G

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Enjoy a pleasant mouth-melting experience with this special Japanese Konnyaku (rice jelly).

Delve into this gratifying treat for a quick snack and share it with your friends and family. Delicious and zero calories! 

A simple petit-sized konjac jelly containing fruit juice. The inhalation prevention form makes it easy for anyone to enjoy. A great assorted type that you can enjoy two kinds of flavours, white peach and grapefruit (2 kinds x 6 pieces, total 12 pieces). Please enjoy it as a handy snack when you are hungry. Based on nutrition labelling standards, less than 5 kcal per 100 g is set as 0 kcal.


  • Hold the part marked with ★ firmly with both hands and cut slowly along the dotted line. 
  • Do not inhale, but extrude in several times and chew well. 
  • If you add the opening, you may cut your mouth, so please put only the extruded jelly in your mouth.

Halal product.

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