Jjajang Chinese Style - 760G

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The taste of a Chinese restaurant with deep flavour!

You can enjoy the taste you feel at a Chinese restaurant with the subtle flavour of pork, a sauce deepened with Chunjang, and a wok-like flavour.

It is a Korean-style Chinese dish, which originates from China but was altered and developed into a more Korean style.

Pot cooking:

  • In 600ml of boiling water, put Chinese noodles and 1 raw garnish with the garnish facing down, and cook over high heat for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Pour out 5 spoons (30ml) of water based on a household spoon, then add 1 secret sauce and stir-fry over high heat for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Enjoy the flavour of roasted wok at home!

Non-Halal product

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