Imagawayaki Azuki - 400G

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More fluffy and moist!

By making the bubbles in the dough finer, the skin is softer and moister after baking. If you heat it with an oven toaster after cooking in the microwave, the skin will be crispy! You can enjoy it even more deliciously.

Microwave cooking

Place the frozen product on a plate. Warm without wrapping.

  • 500W: 1 piece 50 seconds / 2 pieces 1 minute 20 seconds / 5 pieces 3 minutes 20 seconds
  • 600W: 1 piece 40 seconds / 2 pieces 1 minute 10 seconds / 5 pieces 2 minutes 50 seconds

Oven toaster cooking

Warm the inside of the refrigerator. Arrange the naturally thawed products on the top plate covered with aluminium foil (replace the aluminium foil each time). Please heat. 1 to 3 pieces for about 2 minutes.

Natural defrosting

After thawing naturally, please enjoy it as it is. Room temperature about 20 ℃ about 1 hour 30 minutes.

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