Futaba Uji Matcha Milk - 115ML

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Smooth and refreshing ice cream in milk and matcha flavour.

Bite into a special frozen treat by Futaba with its pure matcha-flavored ice cream particularly crafted for all matcha lovers. The unique matcha flavour is sourced from 100% pure stone-milled Uji matcha leaves that release the original taste and aroma of matcha.

With rich layers of smooth milk ice cream and matcha ice cream, covered by a layer of crispy peanuts and cashews, each bite will excite your tastebuds with the sweet and complex taste of matcha.


Water, chocolate, sugar, skim milk powder (6.28%), vegetable oil, butter, dextrin, graham crumbs, fructose, green tea (0.86%), stabilizer (thickening polysaccharide), substance emulsifiers (mono-and di-glycerides), salts, synthetic flavors, synthetic colorings (carotene) (some containing milk, wheat and soybean ingredients, almonds)


Milk, wheat, soy, almonds.

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