Choco Pie Ice Cream Strawberry - 쵸코파이 아이스크림 딸기맛 - 80G

Sale priceAED 16.00


An exquisite dessert of choco pie filled with smooth strawberry ice cream.

Singarea proudly presents you its very own version of choco pie – ice cream filled choco pie, that is unique and heavenly. The mouth-watering snack is an ideal treat for birthday parties, after-meal desserts or a simple midnight indulgence. With a rich filling of strawberry ice cream and real strawberry chunks, you will relish each bite till the very end, and crave for another one in no time!

  • An instant dessert with convenient packing.
  • A box contains 6 pieces each.
  • Product of South Korea.
  • Halal certified.

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