Cuckoo Rice Cooker Premium CRP-HN1054F - 9.8KG

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10 cups IH High-Pressure rice cooker CRP-HN1054F

Why use a pressure cooker instead of a steam cooker?
A pressure cooker locks in the steam inside the pot and allows it to reach much higher temperatures than a steam cooker. This means cooking times can be reduced by half! As the cooing time is reduced and steam is not released until the end of the cooking cycle, the food’s fibre is tender and nutrient-rich! Many cooks endorse the pressure cooking method to create healthy, delicious meal’s fast.

Double Multi Soft Steam Cap
8 steam walls prevent steam emission noise

Auto Steam Cleaning
Cleaner and more sanitary Easy auto steam cleaning. Hot steam cleans the inside of a cooker at once

Non-stop steam emission
Safely and thoroughly emits all steam left behind

Water Drain prevents water from going stagnant
The Advantages of Water Drain Maintains a clean environment, preventing bad odours and bacteria.

Detachable Cover
For easier maintenance. Dishwasherable for easy cleaning


Cuckoo conserves energy usage by minimizing the electricity used during the waiting stage. It has the lowest “stand-by mode” electricity consumption rate in Korea (lower than 0.8W).

The power-saving function during standby mode saves power by pressing one button.

Power saving function during warming mode minimizes power consumption.

3D Warming System
Three directional heating system. Top, Bottom and side.

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