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If you haven't even tried Korean fish cake once in your life, you are missing out: this Korean food snack is one of the most popular street food that many love.

Korea is known to have a variety of street food options, and it takes you more than a day to explore and try Korea's amazing street food offerings. One of the most famous is the Korean Fish Cake, also known as "Eomuk" or "Odeng". It is made from ground fish mixed with vegetables, some spices, egg, and flour as a thickener, which is then molded and fried. It is usually presented in a skewer sold in a street cart; you can customize your sauces from sweet to spicy. In cooler temperatures in Korea, however, fish cakes are usually cooked in a warm, soothing broth that smells good when you pass by these street stalls during the colder months.

But what if you are not in Korea?

No need to panic! You can try this authentic Korean fish cake even if you are not in Korea. Whether you miss it or just someone who has not tasted it yet, you can easily find one even if you live in a different city like Dubai.

There are currently a hundred different fish cake varieties on the market. Ingredients vary according to personal preferences - from vegetables, tofu, fish eggs, squid ink, curry powder and so on.

While “eating a skewered fish cake in a seafood-green onion-infused broth by the street on a cold night” sounds fun, let us not forget that these commercially produced fish cakes are deep-fried in oil which may be higher in fat content.

Our one-stop shop offers a selection of easy-to-cook fish cakes at home you might want to try instead. We recommend you try K-Fish Fish Cake from Busan. It is our best pick of the week!

Pick of the week

Having absolutely great selection of fish cakes at singareas.com, it's a true challenge to name the best one. So, we won't even try :-) As this week's pick, let's review our new product: Fish Cake Busan by K-Fish.

K-Fish fish cake can be easily cooked at home as it is packed in a medium-serving portions | Singarea Online Asian Supermarket in the UAE

K-Fish ensures that their fish cakes are made from high quality fish meat, which is a good source of protein. It is carefully evaluated to guarantee the best texture and elasticity and uses advanced management in preserving their products well, to keep their freshness and flavor. In addition, they carry out rigorous tests to ensure that the products are of the highest quality, safe, and healthy for the public to consume.

K-Fish is a famous Korean Fishery export national brand that offers premium quality of seafood globally. From their market launch in 2017, K-Fish aims to promote the quality of Korean seafood. They are the Korea’s first certified Korean fishery national brand with 168 registered products and is available in 52 countries including China, Japan, European countries, US, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, and the UAE. The development of the company continues as they launch new product lines and ensure that they are of the highest quality.


Since the fish cake is already well-seasoned, all you must do is fry and you can prepare your sauces or your broth.

If you’re a fan of sweet and sour dip sauce, check out this collection from Singarea. Nothing goes wrong with Ketchup and Mayo. Or add a little bit of parsley to Lemon Cream Sauce.

For the broth, prepare your sliced radish and green onions, cook any fish of your choice, or add a ready-made fish broth, soy sauce, and garlic. Once boiled, add fish cake into the soup. Sprinkle a little salt to taste.  


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