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You may have tasted an Asian sweet called Mochi, and enjoyed its popular ice-cream version. But do you know what exactly it is made of, and the significance of this traditional Japanese delicacy? Here is a short guide to know a few things about Mochi.

What is Mochi?

Mochi is basically a rice cake, made from short-grain Japonica glutinous rice, along with other ingredients like water, sugar, and corn starch. The rice is then pounded into a paste and moulded into an oval round shape. It can be made in different colours and filled with sweetened bean paste (Daifuku Mochi) or with ice-cream of different flavours.


Mochi has a rich history and cultural significance in its origin country – Japan. It is traditionally made on New Year Eve, in a ceremony called mochitsuki, where the rice is pounded in a wooden mortar and hammer. The sticky treat is considered as a symbol of good fortune and had been consumed by the aristocratic class of Japan since the beginning. The popularity of this mochi has brought various countries, like South Korea, to craft the authentic mochi taste.


Mochi’s taste is sweet, chewy, soft, cool and deliciously creamy. The traditional version is filled with anko – red bean paste which tastes semi-sweet. With the social innovation, the little balls come in many ice-cream flavours you already love - like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

Where can I buy Mochi from?

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