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There are many, many sushi ingredients that you could have in your pantry at home. But you will not need all of them to get started making good Sushi. 

Following are listed the top 8 ingredients that are "must have" items for getting started, followed by our range of sushi products for you. 

  1. Sushi Rice: Sushi Rice is the foundation upon which all good sushi is laid. You need to select the best sushi rice and know the recipe to prepare its base. It is traditionally prepared with medium or short grain white rice.  
  1. KomezuRice Vinegar is used in combination with sugar and salt to form the seasoning for your sushi rice giving it that "tart" and "sweet" flavour that we all recognize in good sushi rice. 
  1. Soy Sauce: The famous condiment complements the sushi perfectly with its salty, sweet and umami taste. There is a wide range of options for soy sauce in sushi from taste, colour and fullness.  
  1. Sushi Grade Fish: The key ingredient in sushi is the kind of raw fish used in it. The commonly used fishes are tuna or salmon which taste best when fresh. 
  1. Nori:  Nori is the edible seaweed in dried sheets form used to wrap the sushi filling. It is vital to use a good quality sushi nori. Good quality sushi nori is black. 
  1. Gari: Pickled ginger is another ingredient used in presentation of sushi. It is used to cleanse the palate between eating different kinds of sushi, or, alternatively, it may be eaten before or after the meal. 
  1. Wasabi: Horseradish is a green root that has a strong flavour and unique piquancy. Its paste form can either be "swiped" onto the surface of sushi rice when making sushi, or can be added to the soy sauce that sushi may be dipped into when eating it. 
  1. Kombu: Kombu is a dried edible seaweed (Kelp) mainly used in dashi, but also essential in the seasoning of sushi rice for best results. It is placed in the pot or rice cooker during the rice soaking and cooking period and gives the rice a "hint" of dashi flavor. 

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